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100 Iconic Movie Characters – Can You Name Them All?


In brief, Dutch artist Joep Gerrits designed this poster depicting his subjective list of the 100 most iconic movie characters. The icons are clever and minimalist, almost South Parkian, and come from 68 different films.

It’s been raining here in Brooklyn for the past three days, so trying to name each of the characters seems like an appropriate activity at the moment. I’ve started off by identifying 32 of them and now I would like you, dear readers, to help me fill in the rest. Gerrits lists the films he used on his Deviant Art page, so I suppose you could just IMDB it … but that wouldn’t be as fun, now would it?

Gerrits also gave the same treatment to Star Wars characters, an image which I’ve also included after the jump. Get to it!

[Spotted at Neatorama]

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Hello Kitty As Everyone


In one of the more epic mashups we’ve seen, an illustrator named Joseph Senior from New Zealand has taken Hello Kitty and combined her with a number of pop-culture mainstays, including Darth Vader, Buzz Lightyear, Iron Man, Homer Simpson and Mr. Spock.

It’s a shame these are only illustrations — they would look fantastic sitting on our toy throne. Hit the jump to see 12 more.

[Spotted at Toysrevil]

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Wookiee the Pooh


A pretty adorable pop-culture mashup by artist James Hance.  There are a bunch more illustrations from this series after the jump.

[spotted at Buzzfeed]

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Star Wars Yoga


Star Wars Yoga: An ingenious combination of two seemingly disparate cultural phenomenons by writer and designer Matthew Latkewicz. Check out TIE Fighter Advanced, Saber One, AT-AT, Half I Am Your Father and more after the jump.

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Star Wars-Themed Cereal Boxes


If you happen to be hitting up Star Wars Celebration V this week in Orlando, Florida, make sure to look out for these awesome Star Wars-themed mini cereal boxes they’ll be giving away to attendees. “Raisin Han” and “Greedos” are just two of 16 boxes designed for the occasion by Star Wars super fan Gus Lopez.

After the jump, check out five more boxes, including “Grape-Hutts,” “Troop Loops,” and “Hothsted Flakes.”

[Spotted at Super Punch via The Daily What]

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Star Wars Sandwich Cutters Turn PB&Js Into Millennium Falcons


…and Darth Vader’s TIE Fighters, too. It’s really the vintage tin lunchbox packaging that seals the deal for me, though.

[$29.95 via Williams Sonoma]

Victorian Style Star Wars Portraits by Greg Peltz


The San Francisco-based Peltz was inspired by fellow artist Robert Mackenzie to paint (digitally?) these awesome Victorian style portraits of Star Wars characters. Check out more of his work here. Here’s to hoping either Darth Vader or Yoda comes next.

[Via Josh Spear]