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The Geek Zodiac


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James Wright and Josh Eckert’s “Geek Zodiac” matches up genre-film trends with the birth years when each was most popular. They get points for making a cool infographic, but no matter what it says, I’m a Goonie.

[UPDATE: @geekzodiac just notified us of the new and improved version 3 infographic now shown above. This zodiac contains original art from Josh rather than the previous edition's copyrighted imagery. They've also taken steps to address the underrepresentation of women and removed the notes indicating examples of each sign in popular geek culture.]

[via Flavorwire]

Gilt Groupe Sells $8000 Star Wars Action Figures


We shit you not.  Not only is Gilt Groupe selling vintage Star Wars action figures for up to $8000 a piece, but they are selling out of them!. Jailbreak’s own undercover agent (we’ll call her Z) stumbled onto this sale on Guilt Groupe’s site yesterday. Since it’s for members only, we grabbed some screen shots so we could share the absurdity.

One of our core missions at the Jailbreak Collective is to explore the idea of consumer products as an art form. Considering that the prices these figures are fetching would make most working artists blush, we’d say this helps bolster our case (and our cause). Now can anyone enlighten us as to why a Jawa with a vinyl cape is worth five times more than a Jawa with a cloth cape?

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Mimobot x Batman Designer Flash Drives


Our friends at Mimoco are at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas this week, where they have just announced an exciting collaboration licensing deal with DC Comics.

Mimoco’s “designer” flash drive line Mimobots has previously been decorated with Star Wars and Hello Kitty Characters, and now it will lend its frame to the iconic superheroes & villains of the DC universe.

First up is a run of five Batman Mimobots, including the limited-edition (5,000 pieces) vintage 1939-style Dark Knight shown above, which is the only one currently available to purchase [$19.95-$54.95].

The Joker, Robin, Catwoman and another Batman version (last three after the jump) round out the series, and will be released in February, presumably at Toy Fair in New York. They’ve also promised to expand this line in the near future with Green Lantern, The Flash and Superman Mimobots.

Congrats to Evan & the Mimoco crew for this stellar release!

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Star Wars Family Portraits


Star Wars Family Portraits by artist Steven Quinn. Two more, including a family of Yodas and Pappa Vader in a red turtleneck, are after the jump.

Check out more images of these odd masterpieces on Quinn’s Flickr page.

[Via Dangerous Minds]

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Dr. Seuss Meets Star Wars


Yeah, I know, epic. By cartoonist Adam Watson.

Check out the rest of Watson’s hopefully-expanding series after the jump.

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Boba Font


“Boba Font” by Fabian Glez. See also: The Force of Typography.

[Buzzfeed via Lishoffs' Flickr]

The Science of Lightsabers


GameTrailersTV explores the scientific legitimacy of the lightsaber in an interview with Dr. Michio Kaku, who explains whether or not it’s even possible for one to exist, and what it would take for lightsabers to function like they do in Star Wars IRL. [Hint: Tiny batteries that would also help cars fly.]

Hit the jump for video. Above: the anatomy of a lightsaber.

[Via Buzzfeed]

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The Evolution of The Geek


I would self-identify as a hybrid between the pop culture geek and the fantasy football geek. Which one(s) are you?

Make it bigger.

[TDW via Flowtown]

Wake Up on the Dark Side of the Bed


The Star Wars schwag parade will never end and, so long as they keep on coming up with original ideas like Lego Storm Trooper Alarm Clocks with helmet snooze buttons, we’ll probably keep on feeling obliged to cover it. Pick ‘em up here (so far we can only find them in the UK.)

[via uberreview]

Inside ThinkGeek


WIRED just published a great feature about our friends at ThinkGeek, detailing their incredible 11-year ascent from small graphic T-shirt-making company into $50 million a year brand.

“The company makes toys for adults, novelties designed to appeal to both your inner child and your inner grad student. These dorks have been retrofitting classic novelty items with a veneer of obsessive dorkiness for more than a decade, lavishing so much care and imagination and wit on their products that they sometimes seem more like conceptual art than cubicle kitsch.”

It’s a must read.

[WIRED: 'Inside ThinkGeek, Where Mythical Meat Can Make Millions']