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Kickstarter: The Science of Crowdfunding


Kickstarter found a way to monetize the DIY craze by connecting people with creative projects with a community of potential financial backers. They call it “crowdfunding,” and it’s revolutionizing the way ideas become reality.

For those unfamiliar with the landscape-changing service, Zippy Cart and Killer Infographics put together this chart that explains exactly how Kickstarter works.

[Mashable via Zippy Cart]

‘Here’s The Thing’ – An Interview With Ron English


A friend of a friend, Miska Draskoczy, is 12-episodes deep in his interesting new documentary-style interview series “Here’s The Thing.” Instead of asking questions in a traditional face-to-face format, Draskoczy tours the work or living space of his subject and allows 20 of their possessions to guide the conversation.

His latest “docu-view” is with one of my favorite living artists, Ron English. Hit play to check out English’s things.

Inside ThinkGeek


WIRED just published a great feature about our friends at ThinkGeek, detailing their incredible 11-year ascent from small graphic T-shirt-making company into $50 million a year brand.

“The company makes toys for adults, novelties designed to appeal to both your inner child and your inner grad student. These dorks have been retrofitting classic novelty items with a veneer of obsessive dorkiness for more than a decade, lavishing so much care and imagination and wit on their products that they sometimes seem more like conceptual art than cubicle kitsch.”

It’s a must read.

[WIRED: 'Inside ThinkGeek, Where Mythical Meat Can Make Millions']

“Darth Mickey” and Other Works by Oliver Barrett


Cleveland-based artist Oliver Barrett has just updated his portfolio with a bunch of new stuff. After the jump check out a selection of his other works, including Darth Vader as Optimus Prime and the Dark Night, and a stirring image of a decaying LeBron James.

Thanks, Peter!

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Things I Need: Macbook Pro-Shaped Cutting Boards


Available in 13″, 15″ and 17″ versions for $55 to $70. Really nice design, but they better watch out with that half-sliced Apple logo — they’re basically screaming “sue us! sue us!” at the top of their lungs in an elevator full of Steve’s top lawyers.

[Spotted on Notcot via Design Spray]

(Above Photo Via Jonan Design’s Flickr)

Last week we posted an epic collection of over 120 amazing art cars that people have built for Burning Man over the years. And with the 2010 event having wrapped up on Monday, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to highlight the art cars of this year’s Burning Man (its 25th annual celebration in the Nevada desert).

After the jump check out over 70 new art cars — including a ramen noodle cup, a cooler, spacecrafts, dinosaurs and more. We can only expect more and more art car photos to be added to Flickr in the coming weeks, so we’ll try and update this post sporadically going forward. Drop us a line if you find one worthy of being included.

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Star Wars: The Baroque Version and Other Works by Illustrator Mattias Adolfsson


(Above: R2-D2 and C-3PO from Star Wars: The Baroque Version)

I’ve just spent the last hour or so flipping through the digital sketchbook of Swedish illustrator Mattias Adolfsson and I can’t help but feeling like I’ve been exposed to the soul of a creative genius.

Adolfsson’s style is unique and refreshing, and his entire collection is certainly worthy of a thorough browse. But since time is money, after the jump we’ve abridged his portfolio and included his most impressive complete series (Star Wars: The Baroque Version) and 20 select illustrations. (Most of which, as a testament to his astonishing work process, come from 2010.)

Click here for Adolfsson’s blog and here to purchase a print in his Etsy shop.

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‘Resurrection Immortality’ by Ron English


Ahead of his upcoming pop-up show in New York City, artist Ron English has released this image of “Resurrection Immorality,” a massive new painting of Frankenstein engulfed by ghostly, skeletal, or otherwise distorted cartoon characters.

Arrested Motion has a preview of the event, “Status Factory,” which opens in collaboration with Opera Gallery on Sunday, September 12 at 352 West Broadway. English has reportedly completed 50 new sculptures and paintings for the show.

Mr. PotatoMash [20 Photos]


(All photos via mrtruffle’s Flickr)

Mr. PotatoMash by Australian Ashley Ringrose finds our favorite customizable toy transformed, with the assistance of some sculpey and a little imagination, into a who’s who of pop culture icons. After the jump check out how easily MPH becomes Jason Voorhees, Iron Man, Shrek, Mr. T and 15 others.

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Every summer, in the sweltering heat of the Nevada desert, 50,000 people come together for an event called Burning Man. This year’s gathering kicks off next Monday, August 30, and to celebrate we’ve thrown together a little photo gallery of the various art cars people have constructed for use there over the years.

After the jump are 120 amazing art cars, ranging from boomboxes to birthday cakes to animals and everything in between. If you think we’ve missed one that deserves to be included, please feel free to drop us a line.

[Above photo Via]

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