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Jeremy Immortalized in Ham, Provolone & Seaweed


I don’t know what to be more impressed by here: that Jeremy is forever immortalized in ham, provolone & seaweed or the skill and accuracy of the artist, Brooklyn-based bento and plush designer Anna The Red, who made this. It looks just like him! It’s incredible.

This all came about after Jeremy was kind enough to answer some questions about the toy industry for Anna, who in turn wanted to thank him by adding something to the “props” page on his website,

Head over to Anna’s blog to learn more about the creation of the meticulous “Coolest Guy I Never Met Yet,” as well as to see detail shots, commentary and learn what happened when she finished. (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t pretty for food Jeremy.)

Like & Dislike Stamps on the CBS Early Morning Show


Yesterday on the CBS Early Morning Show, our Like & Dislike Stamps were featured as one of 2011′s best Valentine’s Day gifts for guys! Their moment in the spotlight comes at 2:14 in this video, which won’t embed, and lasts about thirty seconds.

Pick up a set for your significant other over on [$12.99]!