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Social Media Propaganda Posters by Aaron Wood


The other day Jason and I were walking back to the Jailbreak offices when we came across one of those chalkboard sidewalk signs that cafes and restaurants are so fond of these days. Living and working in Brooklyn we tend to pay nary attention to them, as they’re usually just advertisements for happy hour or $1 oysters, both things that we’re certainly interested in, but already know about because we Yelp everything before leaving our desks. Long story short, this sidewalk advert, which was in front of an unnamed “lounge” on Union St., was emblazoned from top to bottom with the colorful logos of various social media companies. It was ridiculous. Overdone. Completely unnecessary. All I want is an iced coffee and maybe a blueberry scone. I don’t need to interact with you on any website, let along multiple ones.

We shared an exhausted glance, and as Jason asked, “What the hell is Gowalla?” I couldn’t help but feeling like all of this social media stuff seems at times like nothing more than 21st century propaganda.


Timely then are these great social media propaganda posters by a guy called Aaron Wood. They’re available for $7.50 a pop on his Etsy page.

Check out the entire set after the break.

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Movie Map of Manhattan


Bernie Hou of Alien Loves Predator spent five months watching movies and three weeks drawing to create this cinematic cartography of Manhattan, complete with 91 film references.

If it seems like all the movies you’ve ever seen take place somewhere in New York City, that’s because they do. New York is where the aliens must attack, where landmarks are destroyed, where the world ends, and where good-looking people go to find other good-looking people. It’s practically a law.

Hou is giving away a free copy of the 18×24″ poster to the first person who sends him the names of all 91 movies. [Here’s a high-res version of the map with each movie numbered from 1-91.] He plans to release the full list of the films after May 11th.

If that’s keeping you on the edge of your seat, you can purchase the poster for $16 here.

[via Gothamist]


Custom Art Mashups for Charity


Go Red! is an interactive website where you can combine a set of character assets into a single customized giclee print.  It features art from 120 illustrators that, when mixed and matched like the spiral-bound flip books of our youth, can create 64,000 custom characters.  With innovative design by The Partners agency, you choose your desired head, body and pair of legs. Essentially, Go Red! positions you as both creator and curator of your own unique mashup. And did I mention it’s for a good cause? Payment via Paypal is woven right in. Hybrid creatures cost just £65. Very cool. Read the rest of this entry »

Maximalist Movie Posters


In response to the current trend of minimalist movie posters, Canadian designer Emma Butler has created a series of maximalist illustrations. Entitled Movie Parts, the poster series dissects her favorite films using “all the memorable parts, pieces & props” that are essential to the movie. Back to the Future, Juno, Top Gun and The Mighty Ducks are available here.

[via Flavorwire]

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Mario Propaganda Posters


These stylish posters were designed by Los Angeles-based graphic designer Fernando Reza, AKA “Fro.” I’m not sure about you but I’m happy to support any artist who borrows his or her moniker from a popular hair style. In fact, if I ever decide to become an artist, I would call myself Chonmage.

Pick up the set of four posters for $80.00 here (limited to 100 prints each).

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The Battle of the Beards


While most of us are busy poring over the released-yesterday brackets for College Basketball’s annual one shining moment competition, artist Grant Snider is holding an alternative challenge of sorts: that of best beard.

Beard Madness,” which is available as a poster for $15, pits usual suspects Jesus, Dumbledore and Darwin against a couple of unproven newcomers, Dad in the Early ’80s and street fighter Kimbo Slice. Also of interest is the play-in game between Osama Bin Laden and a goat.

Says Snider:

“The selection committee has chosen the best beards from this year’s highly competitive field. The last four out were Leo Tolstoy, Zach Galifianakis, Ben Bernanke, and the dude from Iron & Wine. As this blog‘s resident bracketologist, I forsee some intriguing second-round matchups: Jesus battles Darwin over who has more convincing bumper stickers, Shel Silverstein challenges Dumbledore to see who brings more magic to the hearts of young readers, and Abe Lincoln and Kenny Rogers duke it out for control of The South.”


[Via Flavorwire]

29 Things That All Young Designers Need to Know


The transition from design student to design professional can be a slippery slope. To help, Doug Bartow of design studio id29 put together this chart of “29 Things Young Designers Need to Know (And Aren’t Always Taught in Design School)”, which originally ran in the January 2011 edition of HOW Magazine. (It’s also available in poster form for $25.00 over on Felt & Wire.)

Says Bartow:

“Many of the questions and concerns young designers share today are the same we had as graduating students looking to make our mark in the professional world—with only a resumé and portfolio of student projects to try and get our collective feet in the door. We’ve all been there and done that. There’s nothing different in the design industry today that makes getting—and nailing—that initial interview or client pitch any easier than it has been in the past.

Throughout the years I’ve collected these questions and have tried answering many of them as an ongoing personal project. Here are 29 of these thoughts on how to approach and interact with our culture as a young designer, in no particular order.”

Each square was paired with an explanatory paragraph or two, which is pasted after the jump, offering some great advice that’s beneficial for aspiring and professional designers alike.

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Mixed Reviews: 20 Classic Men’s Movies “Liquerated” Poster


Designed by Glenn Michael for Everyguyed and Moxy Creative:

“[Mixed Reviews...] illustrates movie moments ranging from The Hangover’s recent rufilin mishap to A Menace to Society’s classic 40-ounce malt liquor bottle. And for those of you that cannot appreciate the allure of intoxication, there are even a few non-alcoholic beverages included.”

Pick up the overall print or individual ones for $30.00 each.

Woody Allen Has a Posse


By Joe D.

[Via Buzzfeed]

The Evolution of Daft Punk’s Helmets


Harder, better, faster, stronger?

[The Daft Club via Buzzfeed]