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Jailbreak + Jason Freeny = Awesome


Perhaps you caught Jason Freeny‘s announcement this morning entitled: Freeny + Jailbreak = “CAPSL”. I have taken it upon myself to do a titular paraphrasing and achieve: “Jailbreak + Jason Freeny = Awesome”. Either way you slice the semantics, Jailbreak and Jason Freeny have teamed up to make an incredible product, and yours truly gets to be involved in it!

There is a striking similarity between the names of Jailbreak founder, Jason Feinberg, and Godfather of Toy Anatomy, Jason Freeny. This, combined with their passing knowledge of each other and Jailbreak’s fandom for Freeny’s work, meant an introduction was in order. In September of 2010, I cc’d my friends, the two Jasons, on an email, writing: “Who knows, perhaps someday you could make a dream toy.”

Perhaps, indeed. I’m really, really excited about the CAPSL project. This is just the beginning of a new art movement. Stay attuned.


Welcome Aboard, Mr. Brautman; Meet The Jailbreak’s Newest Contributor


Jeremy and his wife, Greta, in cake topper form by the artist Mike Leavitt.

Mutual admiration can be a beautiful thing, especially when it transforms from simple affection for another’s work into an actual working relationship. Such is the case today as we proudly welcome journalist, art curator and all around “Toy Maven” Jeremy Brautman to the Jailbreak family.

Jeremy first caught our attention while working for the now-defunct ToyCyte, a designer toy blog where he served as editor-in-chief. After a stint writing the blog and handling the social media for vinyl toy company Neon Monster, Jeremy curated his first group art show, LOVE MOVEMENT, to great success. From these various efforts, which also included writing for the likes of Cool Hunting,, HEEB Magazine and maintaining his own personal blog, Jeremy has become perhaps the most knowledgeable and well-respected toy journalist working today.

Likewise, Jeremy became acquainted with Jailbreak through various correspondences with us over the past two years, during which he shared his expertise on the toy world for a variety of our past, current, and ongoing projects.

Going forward, Jeremy will have a myriad of responsibilities at this new gig, including, but not limited to, writing blog posts (starting with the one right above this!), tweeting, brand management, eating nauseating amounts of gummy bears, and generally having a pretty damn good time.

Help us in welcoming Mr. Brautman to the team!


Like & Dislike Stamps on the CBS Early Morning Show


Yesterday on the CBS Early Morning Show, our Like & Dislike Stamps were featured as one of 2011′s best Valentine’s Day gifts for guys! Their moment in the spotlight comes at 2:14 in this video, which won’t embed, and lasts about thirty seconds.

Pick up a set for your significant other over on [$12.99]!

With the Hundred Dollar Wallet, it’s what’s on the outside that counts. If you’ve always felt like a rockstar but have never quite gotten the treatment you deserve, the Hundred Dollar Wallet is the answer to your problems. Just pull it out of your pocket and watch as people line up to offer to carry your luggage, seat you at the best table in the house, or tilt your coffee cup to your lips when you’re ready for a sip.

Before buying the Hundred Dollar Wallet, you must ask yourself this one simple question: Are you the kind of guy who carries a boring old leather wallet or are you a jetsetting international playboy who parties with supermodels on his yacht every summer in the Greek islands?

$100 Wallet for only $12.99?! That’s like free money…

Introducing The Like & Dislike Stamps


Some of you might be thinking, “Whoa, Jailbreak, I thought these already existed!” And you’d be right – sort of. When we first saw Nation Studio’s concept for the Like & Dislike Rubber Stamps back in June, we were immediately taken by the product’s potential. And because our now-friends at Nation are a digital design studio (and a talented one at that) and not a product design studio, we offered to step in and bring their brilliant creation to the mass market.

With that, we’re pleased to welcome the Like & Dislike Stamps to the family of products here under the Jailbreak Collective umbrella. Our version is a little bit different than Nation’s, as we’ve replaced the wooden handle and need for an ink-pad with an all-in-one self-inking hand stamp that produces up to 5,000 assertions each. They are a formidable duo of approval and distaste, all for $12.99!

*And now, a little giveaway!

Tell us one thing you liked and one thing you disliked about 2010 (please make it relevant to culture and not just “my cat died” and “I finally talked to that cute girl from work”) and the winner will receive a set of the stamps. We’ll keep this going until end of business on Friday, just in time to get them to you before Christmas.

Happy Holidays!


Interview With Jailbreak’s Jason Feinberg at NY Comic-Con 2010


During New York Comic-Con 2010, Jailbreak’s founder Jason Feinberg sat down for this in-depth interview in which he discusses the company’s origins, our current and upcoming products and how we’re continuing to work with talented artists, designers & creative people from all over the world.

*This video is provided by Garage Door Repair Rochester & Garage Door Repair Nashville.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free App Magnets – This Weekend Only!


Forget once a year, deals like this only come around once in a lifetime! OK, we’re exaggerating just a little bit, but it’s hard not to get excited about giving away FREE STUFF. Here’s the deal: From now through Monday, buy one or two or 100 sets of App Magnets on and we’ll double your order on the house. Depending on your affection for our magnets and the number of gadget lovers in your circle of family and friends, it’s entirely possible that your holiday shopping ends here!

Happy Holidays, from your friends at The Jailbreak Collective!

The Scratch Map – Now for Sale on


Perfect for seasoned jetsetters and wannabe explorers alike, the Scratch Map, new in our shop at, acts as a personal reminder of all the places you’ve been so far. Here’s how it works: Upon returning from your much-deserved vacation, grab a quarter and scratch off the gold foil – à la those dollar lotto tickets grandma likes so much – that covers whichever country you decided to visit. Each continent has a different color underneath, so checking Mexico off the proverbial list will reveal a bright blue, while experiencing a Safari in Kenya will award a golden orange.

A great conversation starter that’s sure to liven up any room, the Scratch Map only comes with one condition: that you get out there and see the world! Pick one up for $19.99. Bon voyage!

*Hat tip to Luckies of London for the awesome creation!

New York Comic Con starts this Friday and we’ll be out in full force, exhibiting in a special section called The Cultyard (booth #2778), alongside some amazing companies, including Kid Robot, Tokidoki, Strangeco, My Plastic Heart, Mimoco, and about 20 others.

To celebrate, we’re co-sponsoring a Comic Con after party on Friday night with Mimoco and our friends at Toy Tokyo. While general admission is $15 (18 to party, 21 to drink), we have 10 VIP tickets that we’ll be giving away on Friday during NYCC.

To score a VIP ticket — which includes early 8 p.m. entry, an open bar, and a gift bag with exclusive goodies — fans must place a pre-order for our top secret, superlatively exciting Comic Con product release. Stop by our booth on Friday to check them out and for your chance to join the after party festivities.

New in the Store at…


The Taste Explosion Grenade Salt & Pepper Shakers ($19.99).