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Web Browsers’ Celebrity Counterparts


By the super talented Shane Snow for

[Via Buzzfeed]

Ikea Knows Best


By now, surely everyone has dealt with the frustrating simplicity of Swedish instruction manuals littered with umlauts, as rendered by Ikea. Life, it turns out, has various challenges that can be addressed in this style; baby-making, house-building, particle-collider construction, to name a few. Oh… and, of course meth labs.

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[Trend Hunter via College Humor]

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Professional Web Geeks Share Fear of Women, Caffeine Addiction, Stubble


This is informative on the surface, but since I’m neither one nor the other I’ll need you, dear readers, to confirm the accuracy – or lack thereof – of this web designers vs. web developers infographic battle royale.

[Buzzfeed via Wix]

How Smartphone Users Perceive One Another


iPhone vs. Android vs. Blackberry.

[Geekologie via C Section Comics]

Vegans Are Living a Lie


[Gizmodo via Streakr]

The Evolution of The Geek


I would self-identify as a hybrid between the pop culture geek and the fantasy football geek. Which one(s) are you?

Make it bigger.

[TDW via Flowtown]

The Economics of Star Wars


The most interesting part of this infographic is that, in the negotiation process with 20th Century Fox, George Lucas took a tiny salary for directing the first Star Wars so that instead he could have final cut of the film, 40% of the net box-office gross, all rights to future sequels, and ownership of all the merchandising rights for “Star Wars.”

I’d say his ballsy move paid off (and then some), as Forbes just named Lucas the 97th richest person in America (#316 in the world), with a net worth of $3.25 billion!

Check out the whole thing after the jump.

[Spotted on /Film]

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Roadmap to The Creative Process


(Click to expand)

The Creative Process is part of Subnormality‘s weekly comic series. Take the scenic route … or else.

[Spotted on Quipsologies via Virus Comix]

A Brief History of Internet Memes


Check out the entire infographic after the jump.

[Spotted on Culture Kills]

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Infographic: How You Will Get Hurt At Burning Man


So, here’s a ‘fun’ fact I never thought I’d have occasion to share with such a big audience: I happen to bear the dubious distinction of having been the very first person flown out of Burning Man in a medivac helicopter in 2007. (I’ll spare everyone the details but, when all was said and done, I left Burning Man with one less digit than I entered with that year.)

And so, with Burning Man around the corner and a blog readership that almost certainly includes more than a few people who will be attending, this one comes from the heart; Have fun there but do remember to be careful and to look out for your friends too.

If you click on the infographic above, you can see a much larger version.

[via GOOD]