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Social Media Propaganda Posters by Aaron Wood


The other day Jason and I were walking back to the Jailbreak offices when we came across one of those chalkboard sidewalk signs that cafes and restaurants are so fond of these days. Living and working in Brooklyn we tend to pay nary attention to them, as they’re usually just advertisements for happy hour or $1 oysters, both things that we’re certainly interested in, but already know about because we Yelp everything before leaving our desks. Long story short, this sidewalk advert, which was in front of an unnamed “lounge” on Union St., was emblazoned from top to bottom with the colorful logos of various social media companies. It was ridiculous. Overdone. Completely unnecessary. All I want is an iced coffee and maybe a blueberry scone. I don’t need to interact with you on any website, let along multiple ones.

We shared an exhausted glance, and as Jason asked, “What the hell is Gowalla?” I couldn’t help but feeling like all of this social media stuff seems at times like nothing more than 21st century propaganda.


Timely then are these great social media propaganda posters by a guy called Aaron Wood. They’re available for $7.50 a pop on his Etsy page.

Check out the entire set after the break.

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Human Pin Art Contest


In a pop-up installation last week, British designer Lulu Guinness turned that classic stalwart of desktop novelties, pin art, into a life-size, interactive contest. The event marked the release of a pin-studded, mouth-shaped handbag called The Clerkenwell Lips Clutch. People who showed up and created an impression have been encouraged to submit their photos to Lulu’s Facebook gallery.

The best impression (as decided by number of “likes” per photo) wins The Clerkenwell Lips Clutch (£450). As you might expect, the images run the gamut from kisses to headstands to pole-dance maneuvers to Charlie’s Angels to “bring out the gimp”. Click through for the shots that left an impression on us.


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Honest Logos by Viktor Hertz


Sweden-based graphic designer Viktor Hertz has reimagined the logos of several familiar companies by making them representative of their actual content. YouTube becomes a channel for viewing cat videos. MTV gets honest about its audience. Porche reveals TMI about its drivers. You get the picture. Literally. Click through for a few more of Hertz’s Honest Logos and a dynamic Flickr slideshow.

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Human Facebook Default Avatars


Do a Google image search, and you’ll find a variety of pop culture silhouettes with which to replace the default Facebook avatar.  However, if you want to humanize the desaturated icon, you can choose something from the Human Facebook Default Project. Says creator and Frenchman, Thomas M: “The aim of this project is to humanize the Facebook default avatar provided at the first login”. Do you like or dislike this idea? Read the rest of this entry »

Facebook Like and Dislike Buttons on an Elevator


Who hasn’t been standing in an elevator and decided the fate of an oncoming passenger with the Open Door or Close Door buttons? You probably justify your behavior with a thought that it’s not personal; you’re just in a rush. Well, someone clever has called bullshit on your blissful rationalization by placing these universal icons of Like and Dislike upon the associated elevator buttons. That’s totally funny until you jam on the complete placebo [see also] of a closed door button and nothing at all happens, meanwhile the passenger (probably your coworker) gets on board and sees where your finger is pointing. May I recommend these Like and Dislike stamps instead? [via Superpunch]

What if the Internet had Always Existed?


College Humor’s Jeff Rubin shows us what popular websites would have looked like “if the Internet had always existed.”

After the jump, check out 1970-1910.

[College Humor via Jesse Eisemann]

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Google’s Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review gets extra points for using my favorite word in the English any language ever in its title. But besides vocabulary excellence, this video is simply just a cool, nicely edited reminder of what went down in 2010.

In terms of straight search, the fastest rising terms of the year were Chatroullete, iPad, Justin Bieber &  Nicki Minaj, while the fastest falling were Swine Flu, WaMu and New Moon. More stats can be found on Google’s press page.

[Via NY Times]

Accepting (or Not) Your Parents’ Friend Request on Facebook


[Buzzfeed via Cool Material]