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How Neon Signs Are Made


Have you ever wondered how neon signs are made? I did, and Google brought me to this video, “How Neon Signs Are Made.”

The production quality isn’t stellar, but the information contained within satiates my curiosity about the process. It turns out it’s a much more complex undertaking than I imagined. Check it out.


Bid on the Unabomber’s Stuff


Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 18th, the U.S. government will auction off the former belongings of Ted Kaczynski, commonly known as The Unabomber. The government has a history of selling “ill-gotten gains,” but The Unabomber auction is unique. Unlike the spoils that were sold following Bernard Madoff’s conviction, The Unabomber lived off just a couple hundred dollars a year.

The government hopes that the distinctive lots of tools and notebooks will bring in bids from museums. Profits from the auctions go to the families of The Unabomber’s victims, which make them potentially good gifts. For instance, lot 001, The Unabomber’s signature sweatshirt and shades, is perfect for your ironic Williamsburg pal. And lot 025, his checkbooks and bank statements, will thrill minimalist travelers and survivalists.

The auction runs from May 18th to June 2nd. The online catalog includes approximately 60 lots of property and will be available on the Web at You can check out previews of most of the items in this Flickr set. Interestingly, the government photographer responsible for cataloging The Unabomber’s belongings did an amazing job. Many of the images have an oddly beautiful quality and others would fit right in at Things Organized Neatly.

Click through for a few that stood out.

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Vegan Black Metal Chef

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a recipe: Combine three subcultures that are known to, perhaps, take themselves a bit too seriously. Mash them up together. The result is comedy/cooking gold. The song isn’t bad either! Who wants Pad Thai now???


Hipster Animals


Damn, this is good. Hot on the paws of the previous post about cats and dogs as artists and writers comes Dyna Moe‘s take on Hipster Animals. From “Trust Fund Asshole” to “Full-Time Etsy Crafter,” she nails it. Her description:

It’s like Richard Scarry characters went to a Grizzly Bear show.

In Brooklyn! Naturally, ironic T-shirts are available here. Click through for more Hipster Animals and a constantly-updated Hipster Animal slideshow! Read the rest of this entry »

The DIY Analog Version of Steve Buscemi’s Eyes by Alex Pardee


Alex Pardee has already proven himself quick on the draw when it comes to inking a meme (Charlie Sheen, etc.), so it’s no surpr-eyes, he would take on last week’s viral tumblog, Chicks With Steve Buscemi Eyes.

Writes Alex:

I’m sure that you, like me, immediately think of a thousand things you want to make ugly by splattering Steve Buscemi’s puffy peepers on and laughing at his expense! But then you realize you have no photoshop skills and yearn for the good old analog days of non-electric scissors, tape, and Arsenio Hall. Well, guess what? I FEEL YOUR PAIN! And so like the true martyr that I am, I adopted the punishing task of accurately recreating the bulging beauty of Buscemi’s headlights in accurate measurements and perfect detail for you Photoshop-illiterate antiquated Encino-men to physically print out, cut out, and TERROR-EYES PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE (or, as those crazy futuristic computer whizzes refer to it as, IRL)! So go nuts, run to the grocery store, take your drivers license picture with it, make a sleep mask, or spend that last day at Coachella freaking the fuck out of people with your new demonic paper eyes! But most importantly, in the name of the man who’s the reason I watch Fargo 4 times a month, HAVE FUN! Cuz we did.

Spoken like the hero he is. Download the print-ready version here and the hi-res version here.

Chicks With Steve Buscemi Eyes


We love a good single-subject Tumblr around here. This latest project, Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes, is no exception. We’ve seen what People Eyes do to Muppets, so why not try Steve Buscemi Eyes on Puppets? (Just kidding! We know you’re legitimate celebrities and not a media empire slash brand controlled by your mother!) Click through for a few more favorites. You can tell Tyra Banks still has it as a supermodel because she can so deftly “smize” through Steve Buscemi eyes. Read the rest of this entry »

Irony vs. Design


When I saw this T-shirt montage as part of today’s A Brief and Incomplete Timeline of T-Shirt History on Neatorama, I immediately wished I still had a Frankie Says Relax shirt. Why?

The recent occasion of Threadless re-printing Mister Mittens Big Adventure coincided with my wife suggesting that every T-shirt in my closet was ironic. Until that moment, I had never really thought of my T-shirt oeuvre in that way. Even right now, as I sit here typing this post, clad in a black V-neck depicting two bright yellow cats rocking out with fluorescent keytars, I have to stop and think: Am I wearing this design to be ironic? If true, who is the recipient of my message? On weekdays, as a writer working from home, I don’t interact with an audience who is privy to my 100% cotton conceit. Read the rest of this entry »

Psycho Cola by ZEVS


French street artist Zevs is showing a new body of work, Liquidated Version, at De Buck Gallery in New York. The show continues “his assault on corporate identities and what they represent”. Arrested Motion has a preview.

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Killer Targets


Killer Targets is teaming up with Doktor A for their latest combination of wall art and target practice. For just $2, you will soon be able to gun, dart or paintball down a Mechtorian. More “traditional” zombie, vampire, clown and homicidal maniac targets below.


Alex Pardee x Charlie Sheen



Little did I know that the cringe-worthy “comedy” of Two and a Half Men was holding back the full comic potential that is Charlie Sheen. It’s been a banner week for Sheen, and while he tells Good Morning America that his fellow celebrities have not reached out to him, the world of online pundits can’t get enough. A few notables:

My current favorite, however, is this giclee print by Alex Pardee. A signed 8×10 version is a mere $10 here. On Monday morning, Pardee will also choose a winner out of all print-buyers to receive his original Sheen drawing. WINNING!

YouTube Preview Image