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Speak & Spell iPhone Decal


Retrogeek gear at its finest! For a mere $7, how can you go wrong?

[via Nerd Approved

Google’s Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review gets extra points for using my favorite word in the English any language ever in its title. But besides vocabulary excellence, this video is simply just a cool, nicely edited reminder of what went down in 2010.

In terms of straight search, the fastest rising terms of the year were Chatroullete, iPad, Justin Bieber &  Nicki Minaj, while the fastest falling were Swine Flu, WaMu and New Moon. More stats can be found on Google’s press page.

[Via NY Times]

Apple’s Vaunted White iPhone 4 Doesn’t Actually Exist


A puppet that looks like a combination of Steve Jobs – who it’s supposed to be — and Bob Saget — who it certainly isn’t — explains why the unicornian white iPhone 4 hasn’t been released yet. He also rants hysterically about Apple’s advertising philosophy, Android having only five users, and Google’s Eric Schmidt being a dick, among other things.

[Fake Steve Jobs via Satiritron]

Things I Need: Incase’s Ping Pong Paddle Grip iPhone 4 Case


Coming soon for $30.

Check out the four colorways in more detail after the jump.

[Incase via Mashkulture]

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Things I Need: An iBottleopener iPhone Case


Super useful. [$19.95]

Steve Jobs On Death, Success & Calligraphy


Pretty inspiring stuff from Steve’s 2005 Stanford commencement speech.

[Via Wine & Bowties]

I’m serious about this one. Why? Because “having this remarkable and unique gadget on your desk will undoubtedly make your friends and colleagues very jealous and earn you eternal respect.”

Bring mini Steve home for a little bit less than an iPod nano [$129.99].

[Spotted on Neon Monster via Seven's Heaven]

Things I Need: Macbook Pro-Shaped Cutting Boards


Available in 13″, 15″ and 17″ versions for $55 to $70. Really nice design, but they better watch out with that half-sliced Apple logo — they’re basically screaming “sue us! sue us!” at the top of their lungs in an elevator full of Steve’s top lawyers.

[Spotted on Notcot via Design Spray]