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LEGO Angry Birds


Created by Tsang Yiu Keung.

[Via The Daily What]

Angry F*cking Birds


Angry F*%$*#NG Birds, a T-shirt by Jimiyo.

[Via Culture Popped]

Retro Angry Birds


Someone from London graphic design studio Penney Design — perhaps Penney herself, I’m not sure — produced these fake screenshots of our favorite game ever, Angry Birds, in the pixelated style of classic ’90s video games.

Check out the retro Angry Birds Halloween and Christmas versions after the jump.

[Via Notcot]

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Google’s Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review gets extra points for using my favorite word in the English any language ever in its title. But besides vocabulary excellence, this video is simply just a cool, nicely edited reminder of what went down in 2010.

In terms of straight search, the fastest rising terms of the year were Chatroullete, iPad, Justin Bieber &  Nicki Minaj, while the fastest falling were Swine Flu, WaMu and New Moon. More stats can be found on Google’s press page.

[Via NY Times]

The Angry Birds Question Their Attack Strategy


[Laughing Squid via Geeks Are Sexy via Dorkly]

An Ornithological Documentation of Angry Birds


[Culture Popped via Zero Lives]