Crazy European Bag Advertisements


The shopping bag is free, mobile advertising for every company that sells goods that must be transported from one place to another. (Which is still plenty, regardless of the growth of online shopping.) Yet here in the US, I feel like it’s underutilized, existing as just another space where said company can slap their logo without giving much thought as to who’s seeing it and what, if any, impression it’s having on passersby.

Enter these walk-stopping European bag advertisements, used by ad-agencies to promote products from companies like Greenpeace, Volkswagen, Red Cross and many others. This is guerrilla marketing at its finest and would do wonders for brands looking to catch peoples’ eyes and start the conversation, on the street and in real time. For once, it might be what’s on the outside that counts.

Check out our favorites after the jump, and head over to Bored Panda to see the rest.

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