The Various Mental Disorders of Winnie the Pooh Characters


I can’t think of anything more appropriate to share before a family-filled holiday weekend than these. Happy Thanksgiving!

Check out the rest of Winnie’s troubled crew after the jump.

[Dangerous Minds via Fassels Suppe]

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  • Lindstrj

    This was posted to the AP psychology list serve. Thanks. My students are going to enjoy it. A perfect review for the test.

  • Kimberly096

    It’s one big mental hospital.

  • Bwayday

    I think Owl is actually the therapist of the group, I think Gopher is Bipolar, Kanga and Roo are Codependent, and the Hephalumps (remmeber those?) are Autism and/or Asberger Syndrome!

  • Bobbyredone

    owl is the leader of the group, winnie is an obesse bear followed by the annoying rabbit and an adhd tiger

  • sweetness

    that is so instresting no wonder why children like the show the can  realate

  • Wwolaniuk

    Psychology is fucking up the world with over analyzing everything! We are all fucked up! Stop trying to make everyone perfect – cause we re not! The only reason people go into psychology is because they have their own issues to dea with and force their self annalysis on the worlf

  • Reeessss

    what are the kangaroo’s mental disorders?

  • Dan

    They are the only ones without any. Way to go single moms!