Trendspotting: 14 Cassette-Inspired Products That Rewind Time


Above: Tape Dispenser | J-Me (UK) | $20

While some readers out there might not know it, our main activity here at the Jailbreak is designing products. And because we’re always looking around the web for stuff that’s already been made, not to mention our time spent at gift and toy fairs throughout the year, we tend to see product trends develop among other companies in our industry.

From that, we’ve already devoted entire posts to trendy stuff like ice-cube trays, weapons of mass production, and the mighty moustache. Today we’re back with the fourth installment of our semi-regular trendspotting feature: products inspired by the cassette tape. After the jump check out 13 such products, including everything from doormats to iPhone skins to tote bags and ties.

Tape Doormats | Meninos | $49.99

Cassette Tape iPod Speaker | Funky Fonic (via | $13

“Tuned Up” iPhone Skin and Stand | Fred (via Perpetual Kid) | $19.99

Mix Tape USB Stick | Suck UK | $18

Cassette Tape Vinyl Wall Decal | Etsy (Beep Art) | $45 (3-pack)

Cassette Tape Tote Bag | Fred (via Think Geek) | $11.99

Cassette Tape iPhone Case | Etsy (Crank Cases) | $20

Sonic Fabric Cassette Tape Tie | Alyce Santoro (via Supermarket HQ) | $120

“Hanitape” | Haniboi | $TBA

<<Rew Cassette Cord Wrangler | Fred | $TBA

Cassette Tape Wallets | Marcella Foschi (via Design Boom Shop) | $39

Cassette Measuring Tape | GAMA-GO (via Perpetual Kid) | $7.99

USB 4-Port Cassette Hub | Vat 19 | $23

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