Things I Need: Authentic Samurai Underwear


Some kids want to be astronauts, others fireman or lawyers. Me? All I’ve ever really wanted to be was a samurai. So basically these authentic Samurai Underwear, modeled after styles worn by actual shogun and samurai, are something I really need.

The product copy on Japan Trend Shop where I spotted these is pretty funny, so I’ve included it below.

“Whether you’re a warrior in the boardroom or the bedroom, make your underwear match your samurai spirit with our world-exclusive Samurai Underwear. These-ultra premium briefs breathe like you wouldn’t believe, won’t itch, and feel silky-smooth against your skin. On top of that, have you ever seen a cooler or more manly-looking pair of underwear? We initially balked at the price, but once we got our hands on a sample, we were sold. Since the Japan Trend Shop staff started wearing these, we’ve found ourselves twice as productive, really good at Japanese, and absolutely rolling in women.”

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