100+ Vintage Lunchboxes


They just don’t make lunchboxes like they used to — and it’s a shame because the vintage ones (and their accompanying thermoses, too) are brilliant reminders of popular culture during the era from which they came. Look into the vault (read: Google) and find a lunchbox, presumably from the 1950s, showing James Arness, gun drawn and atop a horse, from Gunsmoke. The 1960s are represented by The Munsters, The Beatles and Planet of the Apes; the 70s have The Dukes of Hazard and Welcome Back, Kotter; the 80s Pac-Man and Return of the Jedi; the 90s Dumb and Dumber; and the 2000s Wall-E and Kill Bill. And those were just some of the ones I was able to find cataloged in various places online.

Nowadays people of a certain age (mostly those who pack a lunch and watch Disney Channel) revere ogle over famous faces like Justin Bieber, The Jonas Brothers and either Edward or Jacob, but certainly not both. While those lads have vaguely earned having lunchboxes plastered with their smiling mugs (and have they do, except Bieber, who will imminently), they just don’t stack up against, say, one showing an intricate fight scene from the original Transformers.

There’s also something about the tin or metal most of the old-school ones were constructed from, which has been fazed out in many current iterations, in favor of the possibly cheaper (and absolutely cheaper-looking) lunchboxes that feel like canvas. What with their puffy plastic decals, insulation (you know, to keep the juice-boxes cold) and zippers. Zippers!

To be fair, they still render some members of contemporary popular culture in these tin trophies, but they just don’t feel the same. The new ones lack the imagery, detail and imagination of their predecessors. Maybe the antiques seem better because a little rust goes a long way; these containers meant to carry food have endured time and use to become charming mementos more suited now for museums than cafeterias.

Thanks to everyone that has written in, the list is now over 100! Check them out below and get in touch if we missed one of your favorites. Do you remember your best old lunchboxes?

**New images added on 5/22** Keep sending us links to lunchbox photos and we’ll keep building this gallery!  Thanks to everyone who has been getting in touch.

Above: Via Retro Hound

Above six0 via Dee Adams | Thanks, Mark!

Big thanks to the io9 commenters who offered up a bunch more vintage lunchboxes, all seen below.

Left/Right: @SlayBelle, @jonconnington


Left/Right: @Franklin Harris, @ Elery Branch

Left/Right: @NerD: Blattella, @spideyrex





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  • Mark
  • peter samson

    is walle from the 1970s?

  • Billy

    Because a lunchbox is metal doesn’t make it vintage. Wall E? Kill Bill?

  • http://thejailbreak.com Quincy Moore

    I was attempting to provide a frame of reference for these lunchboxes throughout the years. My inclusion of Wall-E and Kill Bill were simply to show that the 2000s also had ones that someday might be considered vintage. Obviously they’re not yet.

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  • http://www.thegraphical.com TheGraphical

    You have to appreciate the embossing on some of these, that’s where the real attraction lies for me. Thundercats, and Transformers in particular; wow. Having said that, the Knightrider one is looking pretty damn slick too :D Great post!

  • http://primerinc.com Lawrence

    Hello! Great post!

    When we first opened our design studio / gallery, one of the early showings we had was a collection of lunchboxes, from the stash of Angela Foell. We hung most of them on the wall, and it was quite a display.

    See here:

    More photos of the show are sprinkled throughout the gallery here: http://primerinc.com/space_ms.php

  • http://thejailbreak.com Quincy Moore

    Hey Lawrence,

    Thanks for the kind words! We officially have studio envy after looking at your photos. What an inspiring way to display the lunchboxes…

    Thanks so much for sharing.


  • samba

    There are several cool things here , my personal tatse doesn;t run to 70s TV shows but on differnt aesthetic tac. the 50s and 60s stuff is mostly cooler,because of the embossing ,and better quality materials.

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  • mjw

    Some source attributions under each picture would be helpful.

    Among other things.

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    100+ Vintage Lunchboxes…

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  • Howie13

    Wish I still had my Lancelot Link lunchbox!

  • AntiMyth

    Where’s the Hong Kong Phooey?

  • Howie13

    Just noticed, I had the Rough Rider dirt bike lunch box when I was about 2nd grade.

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  • Juice

    I had the Dukes of Hazzard lunch box and the Pigs in Space one.

  • RaulJones

    I had the James Bond box…what memories.

  • salemthegoddess

    I have the Rambo lunch box with the thermos and the original send away card for a personalized license plate! They’ve never been used, and I found them at a thrift store for $4!

  • http://www.nurdle.net JChase

    **Sigh** These are “boy” lunchboxes – wouldn’t have been caught dead with these in public. My all time favorite was the Yogi Bear one with the writable chalkboard on the side (and a purple handle) My sister had the cartoon Robin Hood one – all c.1976

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  • http://www.retrohound.com/ Retro Hound

    I see you have my photo of a Night Rider box, but you missed the Captain Astro. http://www.retrohound.com/captain-astro-lunch-box/

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  • Christina

    Wow. I’m 17 and I carry The Archies one to school. Vintage lunchboxes are the next big trend at high school. My aunt found mine in her cupboard when she was cleaning and asked me if I wanted it. I have the thermos too! I get soooo many compliments on my lunchbox and all the teachers think it’s hilarious.

  • Kristen

    I love this! i have been collecting old metal lunch boxes for few years now, i have about 22 I think. I have a few that are on here, my favorites that i have is Hanna Barbera and Dyno mutt.

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  • Izzy

    I had one of these metal lunchboxes (about 1966), but, as I was walking to school (back in the days when one walked 7 blocks to school), I tripped and fell. The lunchbox fell in front of me, and the latch sprang up into the open position. My neck landed on the open latch, and it tore my throat open.

    Much bleeding ensued. I put a tissue up to the bloody neck, and continued walking to school. The nurse at the elementary school called my mom and told my mom that I had cut my throat. She came and got me, took me to the doctor (who gave me seven stiches), and I never took a metal lunch box to school again. My parents bought a plastic, soft lunchbox with a zipper.

  • Stephen Russell

    Dont forget:
    The Wild Wild West
    Seaquest DSV
    Johnny Quest
    Wonder Woman
    Charlies Angels
    Capt America
    Iron Man
    Green Hornet
    Kung Fu
    Space 1999
    Space Ghost
    Disney theme boxes
    Daniel Boone

  • Shyama

    These were great to see. Thank you to all who shared.

    I’ve always had an interest in lunchboxes, old and new, and have a couple so far. I was wondering if anyone knows of any good resources on care of them. The one I got today at a farmer’s market is pretty neat, but there are stickers on it. I was just wondering if there was any safe way to take them off.

  • http://none steve urevith

    I have 74 vintage lunchboxes forsale If interested please contact Steve at 201-934-0839 or urevith@gmail.com

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  • Diane

    OMG! I never expected to see it, but there it was: my Bee Gees/ Robin Gibb lunchbox, circa 1977-8. <3

  • http://www.eporiaecommerce.com EPORIA eCommerce

    Wow… I remember half of these and even had a few of them including the Six Million Dollar Man. Very cool.

  • http://tinlunchboxeshq.com Tin Lunch Boxes

    Awesome, I’m really into metal lunch boxes and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many photos in a single post – certainly beats my record!

  • Kathy

    Hi! Have you ever seen a metal lunch box that had a dating game or prom game on it, originally with little magnets you used as playing pieces? I know I had one in 6th grade (approx. 1969) but I can’t find an example online at all!

  • Vernon

    Kathy the lunch box is Campus Queen. If you have the playing pieces, it adds value to the box!!

  • Vernon

    Don’t forget the very first rectangular children’s lunch box with a character on a red or blue box — Hopalong Cassidy!!

  • http://www.metallunchboxesnow.net tom@ metal lunch boxes

    This has to be the coolest collection of vintage boxes around… wow.

    Is that shelf with them located in a house or a store…. looks like something that I could find in LIC, Williamsburg or Manhattan.



  • http://www.jackandfriends.com Leena

    Vintage and retro decor

  • Carichards

    I have a few lunch boxes and want to know how much they are worth. They are regular size Candyland, Thomas and Friends, Monopoly, and small sandwich size for Curious George. I might want to sell them and not sure where to start. Thanks in advance for the help!

  • Pam

    I have a couple of old luch boxes , mail post office, evil Knievel . Pam  

  • Franklin

    i remember those days.sweet days

  • Alexrosmateos


  • Fran Powers

    I have a metal lunch box that seems to be from the 50′s.  It has teen figures with poodle skirts and saddle shoes.  I’d like to know how much it’s worth.

  • Janll2010

    I have a Nancy Drew Mysteries, fox and hound and the berverly Hillbillies Lunch boxes to sell please get hold of me at Janll2010@hotmail.com thank you

  • Frank

    I have a Porky’s  Lunch Waggon lunch bucket that was introduced in 1959- They have one at the Smithtonian Museum in Washington. DC – How much is it worthwith someone that like to have it in their collection – I sell it for $189.00

  • EloKitti

    how can i do if i want one !? o: i searched on Ebay and there was no one…. :(  

  • Phe57

    Oh, the good old days. Before…..

  • Richard Hustwit

    I have a couple from my childhood. Born in ’78 I have a He-Man and a Thomas the Tank Engine lunch box … oh, the good ol days.