Wicked Teapots


While Amy Winehouse may not exactly be a role model, it’s not that fair to bunch her in a group that includes a genuinely psychotic mass-murderer, a genuinely psychotic Iranian nuclear weapons fanatic, and a genuinely psychotic dictator.

Alas she’s included, maybe rightly so after examining the extent of her illegal activities, in this series of teapots called “Pitchfork Pals” — a “ceramic collaboration” by artists Mike Leavitt and Charles Krafft. The collection exists as a satirical reference to a dark underworld where only the scummiest of celebrities, political figures, and media icons reside. A place I’d like to go, if just for a minute. And they’re teapots, which is clever if not representative of each character pouring malevolence into the culture that surrounds them.

Not pictured are versions of Aleister Crowley and Nick Griffin, two people I don’t know much about. A quick Google search reveals the former is a genuinely psychotic religious freak, while Griffin seems to be just some racist British politician. Jesus, getting all of these people in one room at the same time is precisely what I expect hell to be like. It would be a hoot, though, right?

Each teapot (mugs, busts and Chia Pets, too) is available to purchase for the ungodly sum of $1,200.00. They can also be seen together at an upcoming exhibit of the same name, which will take place at the StolenSpace Gallery in London from May 13-30, 2010.

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