Bike Tire Belts


Self proclaimed bike-riding fanatic, Julien Jaborska, has channeled his passion and flipped it into wearable art via the use of recycled bike parts. The belt shown above was made from an old knobby mountain bike tread ($30.00), and is one of the most unique fashion accessories you’ll find today. While writing this post, it was snatched up by a savvy consumer. Luckily, a bunch more belts in various colors are still available. Look below for photos of them. [Rebicyclist]

Bicycle Tire Belt – Mild Road Tread – Grey ($30.00)

Bicycle Tire Belt – Hybrid Thread ($30.00)

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  • aidot

    I love it!!
    would be great if we could get it in australia…!

  • Kr.

    Well, nothin' new. Here's a Hungarian guy, who makes (almost) the same stuff since years!

  • jailbreakcollective

    yeah, the same but different. i prefer the craftsmanship of mr. jaborska. thanks for sharing this, though.

  • Julien Jaborska

    Thanks for the feature!

    I do ship internationally, the price just always varied too much for me to make it a default. I use flat rate boxes now, and have been meaning to update my shipping setup. I will be doing that later today if you are still interested.

    There are several people making these now, and I am definitely not the first. Variety and local options are good things.

    Thanks again!

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  • loupatrou

    clever stuff

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  • Niharika

    Nothing is New in it. It’s really a old fashion..

  • Simran

    It’s interesting and thanx to give us ur ideas….

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