Andy Warhol’s ‘Fifteen Minutes’ TV Show



On MTV from 1986-1987–when the network still played music and hadn’t yet been deluged by drunken roommates, celebrity abodes, and culturally-entrancing guidos–Andy Warhol hosted a five-episode-long television program called, ‘Fifteen Minutes.’ Interviewees included Pee-Wee Herman, John Waters, Robin Leach, Kevin Dillon, Courtney Love, William Burroughs, and a number of key members of both the fashion (Marc Jacobs) and music (The Ramones) worlds.

Warhol, who had two other shows prior to ‘Fifteen Minutes,’ passed before the last episode aired. But thanks to the wonder of the Internet, we’ve been pointed toward four of the five episodes and embedded them after the break. [Courtesy of Buzzfeed via Zamboni]

[ed note: at the request of the Warhol Foundation, the videos of Andy Warhol's '15 Minutes' television program have been removed]

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  • rochelle

    This is fabulous- Angel Estrada was a good friend and an incredibly talented designer. I havn't seen this since 1987! Do I have to sign up to i reel though?

  • jailbreakcollective

    i'm glad you like it! i don't think you have to sign up, you should be able to watch right away.