New York City and Paris ‘Map Cuts’







By removing the unnecessary, this New York City map-cut reveals the “paths, nodes, circles, boulevards, parks and streets” of the greatest city in the world.

Each of the four  3′ x 4′ paper panels fit together like panes of window. Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx are all represented, but it’s only when they’re combined and placed against a colorful backdrop that the city begins to take shape.

Also available is a Paris map-cut, which you can see in detail after the break. While New York was cut on regular paper, the Paris version was created out of an actual map, adding another dimension to this stellar concept. Paris is available here for $250.00

The map-cuts come from Charlotte, NC-based artist Karen O’Leary’s Studio K.



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  • Name

    you dont have all of the bronx… its incomplete. city island is missing.

  • Name

    stfu, this is awesome, stop ruining it with your stupid nitpicking

  • johncmunoz

    Wow, I love how intricate the maps are. And it's an interesting point about how removing the unnecessary gives the map new context and focus. Less is more in this instance.

    The map of New York City made me think of a story in the NYTimes about an autistic man who is in the process of making a highly-detailed 19 ft long drawing, from MEMORY, of the New York City skyline. He was taken for a 20 minute helicopter ride over the city to familiarize himself with it. Here's a slideshow showing him at work,

    John C. Munoz

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  • Meredith Hull


    Thought you might be interested in this new website It's a bit like Notcot really, but much better designed – kind of what you want from a design site!

    Meredith Hull

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  • ben

    $550? Man, it's like fine artists TRY to be poor. That should be at least a few thousand.

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  • rondav

    totally flipping HOT!

    this could go in so many directions…..
    sandwiched between glazing
    wall panels / relief…

    what else??

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  • Jeff Woodbury

    The blank white areas make these works sing.

    There are a number of map dissectors out there. Check out Kitty Harmon's new book, “The Map as Art.”

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  • OV

    I applaud the artist for cutting this by hand. What a tedious process. I know, I use to do these kinds of things back in architecture school. Now with the laser cutting, this can be done pretty quickly, with a variety of materials and thicknesses.

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