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Having previously completed campaigns for Scion, Converse, Washington Mutual and Gieco, short-film maker and “ad man,” Adam Witten, was gracious enough to send over this slick new advertisement he directed for Cisco.

“Creation” spins the ubiquitous tale of Adam and Eve on its head, making way for the story to be re-told for the Google generation–where technology is the sole factor that holds our world together.

However, in a twist of irony Adam chooses the girl, realizing that a human connection–rather than a technological one–is what makes creation truly possible.

It’s rare to find advertisements that actually make you think like Witten’s do. His ability to create edgy, visually entertaining and whimsical stories in 60- second intervals is something to be admired.

Click through to see Witten’s ad for Washington Mutual. It’s seriously one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen.

Head over to the website for his production company, Re:birth Films, for more information.

thanks adam!

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    Not very interesting.

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    Fair enough. No one bats 1,000, y'know…